Canada from Afar


Canada From Afar is the fruit of the remarkable flowering of obituary writing in the London Daily Telegraph during the past ten years. These lively portraits of Canadians are informed, witty, sometimes quirky, occasionally iconoclastic.They include royal courtiers, politicians, businessmen, soldiers, sailors, airmen, scientists, explorers, novelists, artists, and even journalists. Among the prominent Canadians viewed from afar are persons such as Margaret Laurence, Joey Smallwood, K.C. Irving, Raymond Burr and A.J. Casson.


"... this book ... because of its absorbing nature and ultimate usefulness, should enjoy considerable success."

"Canada From Afar is a delightful celebration of life and death. The only regret is that the reader puts it down wishing he had known most, if not quite all, of the people in it."

(January, 1996)

"Brief lives and their incidents are the single tiles with which the great mosaic of history is made ... A later generation can try to assemble the grand mosaic. For now, it is enough to enjoy the tiles one by one."

Winnipeg Free Press (August, 1996)

"Scruples too, of course, to contemplate the riddles of a life and the puzzles of a personality ... as Twiston Davies shows in his Canada collection, the quality press is on to something here."

The Weekly Telegraph

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