Born Again


A new edition of the inspired memoir from the author of The Pagan Christ.

Tom Harpur, bestselling author of The Pagan Christ has been at the forefront of the search for meaning in our time of secular and religious upheaval. With Born Again, he recounts the spiritual odyssey of his own escape from the grip of fundamentalism, wrestling all the while with the ultimate mysteries about God, divinity, and the roots of Christianity.

Born into an Irish immigrant family in Toronto, Tom Harpur was groomed for the ministry by his father from an early age. He won a Rhodes Scholarship to Oxford, then returned to Canada and enrolled in Wycliffe College, the bastion of Anglican evangelicalism. Ordained to the ministry, Harpur served for a number of years in his own parish before seeking a wider ministry in the world of mass media. In 1971, Harpur joined the Toronto Star as the religion editor, and over a number of years he reported on and met many important figures, from Pope John Paul and Mother Teresa to the Dalai Lama, Jean Vanier, and Billy Graham.


Harpur's accuracy of observation and truth in reporting are the best reasons for reading Born Again.

The Globe and Mail

Harpur is a nimble writer. His story moves smoothly and effectively...

Winnipeg Free Press

Tom Harpur makes a lasting contribution to our approach and understanding

The Gazette (Montreal)

Harpur calls on organized religion to raise its sights from the limitations of scripture to look for God in the evidence of a larger creation-the universe itself

The Examiner

About the Author

Tom Harpur

Posted by Kendra on December 6, 2014

Tom Harpur

Tom Harpur was a columnist for the Toronto Star, Rhodes scholar, former Anglican priest, and professor of Greek and the New Testament, and was an internationally renowned writer on religious and ethical issues. He was the author of ten bestselling books, including For Christ’s Sake and The Pagan Christ.