Bonjour Shanghai


Clementine Liu is off to Shanghai for more fashion, dating, and drama.

Clementine Liu is the stylish girl behind the popular Bonjour Girl blog. Thanks to her stellar performance during her first year at Parsons School in New York, she’s offered the opportunity to participate in an exchange program at the prestigious Condé Nast Center for Fashion and Design in Shanghai. But before Clementine actually sets foot in China, several challenges come up that put her impending departure in jeopardy, including one of her esteemed Parsons teachers questioning the direction of her blog.

Despite these hurdles, she flies off to Shanghai, where she discovers an exciting new world. While she attempts to survive the cutthroat blogging scene and maintain a long-distance relationship with her New York boyfriend, Clementine meets Henry, a charming local majoring in fashion marketing.

Can Clementine thrive while staying true to herself?

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