Bone Deep


An expedition to investigate an old sunken ship teaches Peggy lessons about herself.

When archaeologists discover a two-hundred-year-old shipwreck, Peggy Henderson decides she’ll do whatever it takes to take part in the expedition. But first she needs to convince her mom to let her go, and to pay for scuba diving lessons. To complicate matters even more, Peggy’s Great Aunt Beatrix comes to stay, and she’s bent on changing Peggy from a twelve-year-old adventure-seeking tomboy to a proper young lady. Help comes in the most unlikely of places when Peggy gets her hands on a copy of the captain’s log from the doomed ship, which holds the key to navigating stormy relationships.


Bone Deep is a highly entertaining story that seamlessly blends archaeology with family, responsibility and honesty into another great adventure.

Canadian Materials Magazine

McMurchy-Barber received a Governor General’s Award for teaching Canadian history. Her passion for the past is obvious in Bone Deep . . .

Quill & Quire (November, 2014)

…an engaging read.

Resource Links (Pouch Cove, NF)

McMurchy-Barber has a talent for making history and science accessible within the context of a twelve-year-old’s worldview…Bone Deep will be a good read for curious children with a yen for learning about the past. (December, 2014)

Bone Deep seamlessly blends archaeology with family, responsibility and honesty…[McMurchy-Barber’s] passion for the past shines through in this third book in the Peggy Henderson Adventure series.

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