Blamed and Broken


A few fleeting seconds, captured on video, led to a frustrating search for justice tainted by ego, bias, and a desire for vengeance.

Images of Robert Dziekanski convulsing after being shocked by a Mountie’s Taser went viral in 2007. International outrage and domestic shame followed the release of that painful video. It had taken just twenty-six seconds for four Mounties to surround and discharge a Taser on the Polish immigrant at Vancouver International Airport.

A decade later, after millions of dollars spent on an inquiry and failed prosecutions, a story has emerged that reveals what happened to those whose lives remain marked by what happened in those twenty-six seconds.

Blamed and Broken turns the familiar “Bad Cop” narrative on its head, offering a less tidy version of the truth, written by an experienced, award-winning CBC investigative journalist who has covered every step of the story since the day Robert Dziekanski died.

About the Author

Curt Petrovich

Posted by Dundurn Guest on March 27, 2018
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Curt Petrovich

Curt Petrovich is an award-winning investigative journalist with over three decades experience reporting on national and international stories for the CBC. He has covered the case of Robert Dziekanski since it began on October 14, 2007, when the Polish immigrant was declared dead. Curt lives in Vancouver.