Off the Beaten Path


Off the Beaten Path is a study of an exceptional outdoorsman, Walter Hesman. A Windsor native, Hesman spent over 50 years in Ontario’s "Near North," and for over 35 years (1934-1969) operated Little River Lodge in Golden Valley, near Commanda. The author’s many memorable outdoor adventures ring with authenticity. He has written a book that will delight veteran sportsmen and novices alike, whatever their interests. Anyone familiar with Walter Hesman knows of his deep concern for nature. His "grass-roots," "I-have-been-there" perspective provides an alternative approach to wildlife management worth considering.

"It is the most entertaining factual book I have ever read. I walked every foot in the snow with you."

- Jasper Miner, Jasper Miner Sanctuary, Kingsville, Ontario

"A great storyteller, with a good memory, he carries his reader right along with him as he works his way towards his ultimate goal in life: a hunting lodge and resort in the pristine wilderness of Northern Ontario."

- George Rintamaki, "Outdoor Observations," Michigan, U.S.A.

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