Barrett Fuller’s Secret


Barrett Fuller’s privileged life is about to change radically … or else.

Barrett Fuller is a world-famous and very wealthy children’s author who writes under a pseudonym because he’s a self-absorbed womanizer and drug-user. His life changes when he receives an extortion letter, challenging him to live up to the morals he currently espouses in his books. He is presented with a series of tasks to complete or face having his identity revealed to the public, resulting in the ruin of his financial empire.

Richard Fuller, Barrett’s nephew, has a secret too, and it’s one no kid should bear. He knows why his father left the family and he’s never told his mother.

When the extortionist challenges Barrett to spend time with his nephew, their respective secrets move towards a collision that will change their lives forever.


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. . . Carter doesn’t shy away from making this character unlikeable, but most impressive is that I was engaged and guessing until the “big reveal” of the blackmailer. Also impressive is how Carter wrings every ounce of gut-wrenching tension and heartbreak from the reveal that could possibly be wrung without making it feel hokey.

On Fiction Writing (August, 2013)

How much of him/herself does a writer put into a story? In the case of famed children's author Barrett Fuller, extremely little. So little, in fact, that he writes under a pseudonym so that fans (and their parents) won't know he's a narcissistic womanizer with a serious drug problem. Then one day, someone discovers his secret and sends him a letter: Live up to your imaginary morality or else...This is the terrific premise of Scott Carter's second novel and it's better than Blind Luck, his excellent debut.

Globe & Mail

Over the course of Carter's surprisingly exciting and evocative tale, relationships among Carol, Richard and Barrett acquire meaning, though, initially, not through Barrett's free will.

Winnipeg Free Press

About the Author

Scott Carter

Posted by Dundurn Guest on December 6, 2014

Scott Carter

Scott Carter is an author and screenwriter. His first short film debuted at the Exploding Cinema Film Festival in Los Angeles. Since then his films have played in festivals across North America and his script The Unspoken Promise was written for Bravo! Television. His first novel was the critically acclaimed Blind Luck. Carter is a Toronto native who still lives in the city.