Band of Acadians


In 1755, on the eve of the Seven Years’ War, fifteen-year-old Nola and her Acadian parents face expulsion from Grand Pry the British. Nola, her friends Hector and Jocelyne, Nola’s grandfather, and a band of bold teenagers manage to flee by boat only to encounter challenges tougher than their wildest imaginings. Their destination is French-occupied Fort Louisbourg, but along the way hostile soldiers, a harsh environment, enigmatic Mi’kmaq, and superpowers at war turn their journey into a series of hair-raising adventures.

As it turns out, the runaways’ route to freedom may be rudimentary technology. Using raw gypsum, limestone, coal, and salt, they forge coal-oil fire bombs that keep their attackers at bay for a short time but not long enough to ensure their survival.

Will the resourceful teenagers finally discover what it takes to prevail in a continent poised on the edge of irrevocable change?


"Skelton is obviously well-versed in his subject, particularly in the history of science and technology."

CM Magazine

"While there are numerous fictional accounts of the expulsion of the Acadians, most of these focus on the events leading up to their deportation, and fewer still pick up the story of those who managed to flee their would-be captors. This makes Skeltons offering an interesting one for young readers, in that it provides a glimpse into the equally harrowing experiences faced by those who got away."

Atlantic Books Today

About the Author

John Skelton

Posted by Dundurn Guest on December 6, 2014

John Skelton

John Skelton, a chemistry and economics graduate, worked for many years in the federal government fostering innovation in Canadian small businesses. The founding editor of Industry Canada's award winning Small Business Quarterly, he is currently an educator with the Canada Science and Technology Museum in Ottawa.