Algonquin Park


Have you ever wondered what a moose and a hippopotamus have in common? Or considered how photographing zebras can help you photograph a winter forest scene?

Dave Taylor has! He shares these and other insights on nature and photography as he explores one of the world’s great natural places – Algonquin Provincial Park. It was here the author began his love affair with wild lands and the experience both propels him to seek other wild places and draws him back.

Taylor’s articles on wildlife have appeared in numerous magazines, including Landmarks and Ontario Out of Doors, and his photographs have appeared in many outdoor and environmental magazines. He is the author/illustrator of several books on North American wildlife and he brings this wide experience to this book on Algonquin Park.

This is a book for the modern eco-tourist and anyone else who has ever visited the park. Taylor combines his knowledge of the park and photography with a broader understanding of ecology gained from trips to such places as Kenya and Alaska. The result is a book that helps the reader explore Algonquin’s ecosystem from a global point of view.

Through his vivid text based on extensive research, Dave Taylor shares his growing understanding of Algonquin’s place in the scheme of things. After reading this book you will never see the park in quite the same way again.

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