After Surfing Ocean Beach


In a brief, panicked moment, Rick mistakes the kindness of an apparent stranger for a threatening act, and inadvertently commits murder. He flees the scene, and tries to keep secret from his family the unfortunate event that has occurred. Little does he know that not only has he killed an innocent man, but the man is the son of Annie, with whom Rick had an intense relationship in his youth.

As Rick and Annie struggle to come to terms with the tragedy, each recalls the life they once led, and pines for a life that never was. This haunting and engaging tale is Mary Soderstrom at her masterful best.


"Mary Soderstrom's new novel surfs the seven seas of narrative" -Kim Bourgeois, Montreal Review of Books, Spring/Summer 2004

"This is a thoughtful book, one with a mysterious plot and a dramatic twist. Perfect reading for any beach." -Jacqueline Turner, The Straight, May 27, 2004.

"The novel, which turns on a single accidental misunderstanding, is a haunting tale. A solid summertime read with great plotting, stuff it in your pack, take it to the beach, and get sand all over it." -Andrew Armitage, Owen Sound Sun Times

About the Author

Mary Soderstrom

Posted by Dundurn Guest on December 6, 2014

Mary Soderstrom

Mary Soderstrom is the author of seven works of fiction and non-fiction. Her previous fiction has been shortlisted for the 1977 Books in Canada First Novel Award (The Descent of Andrew McPherson), and the QSPELL Hugh MacLennan Fiction Prize (Endangered Species, 1995, and Finding the Enemy, 1997). She currently lives in Montreal.