The 4 Year Olympian


Improbable, heart-wrenching, and finally uplifting, Jeremiah Brown’s journey from novice rower to Olympic silver medallist in under four years is a story about chasing a goal with everything you’ve got.

After nearly being jailed at age seventeen and becoming a father at nineteen, Jeremiah Brown managed to grow up into a responsible young adult. Despite a promising banking career and a family, he felt that something was missing. A new goal captured his imagination: becoming an Olympian?

Guided by a polarizing coach, Brown and his teammates plumbed the depths of physical and mental exertion in pursuit of a singular goal. The 4 Year Olympian is a story of courage, perseverance, and overcoming self-doubt, told from the perspective of an unlikely competitor who made it against the odds.

About the Author

Jeremiah Brown

Posted by Kendra on July 11, 2017
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Jeremiah Brown

Jeremiah Brown won an Olympic silver medal as a member of the Canadian men’s eight rowing team at the London 2012 Olympic Games. He is a leader in athlete transition and wellness, a Canadian sport system expert, speaker, dad, and drummer who has played with Juno-winning artists. He lives in Peterborough, Ontario.