The 11th Hour


Annika Dietty thinks her future is with Dylan Sopick — until they run away together.

One day, after weeks of secret planning, seventeen-year-old Annika Dietty leaves home at dawn to run away with her boyfriend, the charming and popular Dylan Sopick. She tried telling her friends and family how amazing Dylan is, but seeing as they all seem set against the relationship, she’s decided their only chance is to run away together.

But not everything goes according to plan, and Dylan seems to be having more and more trouble dealing with every obstacle they encounter. At first Annika is sympathetic, knowing that he’s had a harder life than she has, but very soon Dylan’s behaviour becomes unsettling, and Annika realizes that her safety is at stake. She finally admits to herself that Dylan needs help she can’t provide. She wants to get him to help — if she’ll get the chance.


The 11th Hour takes readers on an emotional rollercoaster from the opening page. The book is fluid and fast-paced as it cuts to the heart of what it means to be in love and yet to be lost. Told from alternating perspectives, the novel deepens our understanding of how terror slips like a thief into our ordinary lives. This riveting and dramatic read shows how we grapple with passion, freedom, fear and terrible, devastating choices.

Alice Kuipers, author of Me (and) Me and Life on the Refrigerator Door

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