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Apr 07, 2022

Preface Reveal: With Faith & Goodwill Second Edition

With Faith & Goodwill edited by Arthur Milnes, Maryscott Greenwood, and Scott Reid, celebrates the ups and downs, the vigour and variety of that family history by showcasing the words and images of prime ministers, presidents, and other dignitaries. From Sir John A. Macdonald to Joseph R. Biden, Jr., and including everyone from John F. Kennedy to Justin Trudeau and Kamala Harris, this beautifully designed collection of speeches and rarely seen photographs offers a privileged peek into the power politics of Canada-U.S. relations. Make sure to pick up your copy of the second edition, published in February 2022!

This is the second edition of With Faith & Goodwill. The original volume was published in 2017 to celebrate Canada’s sesquicentennial. The book was presented to numerous elected officials and luminaries of the U.S.-Canada bilateral relationship. Then we took the book on tour to spur discussions about our nations’ great friendship with many of the principals whose speeches and photographs are featured in it. A roundtable was held with President George W. Bush and Prime Minister Stephen Harper at the Bush Library in Dallas. At that event, Mrs. Laura Bush asked me for another copy, as they were travelling to Kennebunkport, Maine, the next day and she wanted to share it with her in-laws, George H.W. Bush, the 41st president, and First Lady Barbara Bush.

We then travelled to Atlanta’s Carter Presidential Center where we hosted a lovely and candid dialogue with President Jimmy Carter and Prime Minister Joe Clark who reminisced about their time together during the Iran Hostage Crisis, which came to define Canada-U.S. friendship for an era. The next stop was Montreal where we hosted a huge gathering at the Palais des congrès to hear Prime Minister Jean Chrétien reminisce with his good friend President Bill Clinton, in a conversation moderated by former U.S. Ambassador Gordon Giffin.

During the final event of the book tour that year, which was held at the iconic Indigo bookstore in Toronto’s Manulife Centre and hosted by Heather Reisman, Prime Minister Paul Martin shared stories with his director of communications (and co-editor of this book), Scott Reid. All in all, it was a great way to remind Canadians and Americans of the special nature of our bilateral relations at a time when the partnership was about to be tested.

We worked on the first edition through 2016. The U.S. presidential election was underway, and we delayed publication until we knew the outcome. After Donald Trump, the forty-fifth president, had his first bilateral meeting with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, we launched the book. And that’s where the first edition ended. In the years that followed, the United States and Canada, together with Mexico, modernized the most comprehensive trade agreement on earth, despite the tweets and rhetoric coming out of the Oval Office. And then, with the presidential election in 2020 and the onset of a global pandemic, yet another new era in the Canada-U.S. relationship began. President Joe Biden had his first bilateral meeting with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, and their governments launched a blueprint for Canada-U.S relations. It was clear to us then that With Faith & Goodwill should be updated and given a new subtitle: Chronicling the Canada-U.S. Friendship.

We are delighted that the first edition, inspired by the 1976 book Between Friends/Entre Amis, which Canada presented to the United States on that country’s American Revolution bicentennial, is now worthy of a second edition. We remain devoted to our fundamental mission to raise awareness about the importance of the ties that bind our two nations. We hope that generations of Canadians and Americans will peruse the pages that follow and reflect on what has truly become a model for friendship and collaboration for the world.

Maryscott Greenwood
CEO, Canadian American Business Council (CABC)