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May 06, 2021

Five Easy Ways to Save on Your Wedding Day

The New Wedding Book by Michele Bilodeau and Karen Cleveland will help you plan your wedding without the weight of outdated customs and get hitched in a way that is authentic, fun, and true to who you are. Check out their top tips on trimming your budget, and discover more ways you can save on the big day below.

1. Prioritize three things that matter the most. Identify three things that are really important to you as a couple. Shop around for those items first so the rest of your budget can fall in line.

2. Have a smaller wedding. It sounds harsh, but it is really simple: invite fewer people to your wedding and your costs will go down.

3. Ask your vendors for their advice. People seem shy about asking their vendors if they have any advice to trim their budget. ASK! They’re a wealth of information.

4. Cut your stationery. Is having that oversized square envelope that requires double the postage really worth it? Do you need printed invitations at all? Save the planet (and your money) by going digital!

5. Skip the limo. They’re expensive and sort of a prom throwback. Roll up in an Uber black car or take a taxi.

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Michelle Bilodeau is a writer and editor. Her work has appeared in CBC Life, Refinery29, Fashion, the KitFlare, and Canadian Living. She is also a green beauty expert on The Social. Michelle lives in Toronto. Read more here.

Karen Cleveland has contributed to the New York TimesWeddingbellsToday’s BrideFashion, the KitHuffington Post, the Toronto Star, and the National Post. She lives in Toronto, as well. Read more here.