October 2017

A Day of Mystery

Posted on October 23 by Michelle

North America's biggest mystery convention, Bouchercon, came to Toronto in September! Our crime fiction authors came from across the country to showcase their fine books and had we had a blast with them when they visited us in our office.

Inside Dundurn with Lorena

Posted on October 19 by Kyle

“Ask me anything, I’m an open book,” says our production assistant, Lorena Gonzalez Guillen, “Just make me sound smart.”

Well, that won’t be difficult.  Lorena is one of the go-to people on our design and production team. You want to know what stage of design a book is in? Well, you should check the schedule, but Lorena is happy to help. She does, after all, do a little bit of everything on our design team.

Two Dundurn authors have been nominated for the Ontario Library Association’s Forest of Reading Awards in the Red Maple Category—Jennifer Dance for her novel Hawk, and David Poulsen for his novel And Then The Sky Exploded. Both authors have been nominated previously for their novels Red Wolf (Dance) and Old Man (Poulsen).

Purple Palette for Murder is the eighth book in the Meg Harris Mystery series, which began with the publication of the first mystery, Death’s Golden Whisper. When I started out on this journey with Meg, I had no idea where she would take me. I wasn’t even certain if it was going to be a series. But by the time I finished writing Death’s Golden Whisper, I knew I wanted to continue with Meg and see where life led her.

Could it be mere coincidence that the same year Dundurn is celebrating its 45th anniversary is also the year Daniel Rotsztain's A Colourful History of Toronto is being published? Perhaps not!

So when we had the idea for a piece of art depicting the building that's housed Dundurn Press for the last decade, there was only one artist we had in mind. The one who just made an entire book on historic sites in Toronto.

The scene: Banff National Park. It was grey and cold and early November. With a light snowfall hinting at the coming winter, we followed an unkindness of ravens to the bull elk lying only metres from the Trans-Canada Highway. It was on its side, horribly mutilated, and it was clearly dead from something other than natural causes. When my warden partner and I found the bullet hole in the elk’s shoulder, we were silent.

An Intern’s First Festival

Posted on October 10 by Kyle

(because you can’t go to Word on the Street and not talk about it.)

Starting a marketing internship in September means a lot of things, from working with a very full fall list (so many amazing books!), to getting to participate in one of Canada’s biggest literary festival there is, Word on the Street. As my first Word on the Street, I was super excited to not only go, but to help out with it as well. And for anyone thinking about going, or wondering what it’s all about, here’s a handy little guide from your trusty Dundurn intern.

On Writing an Art Book

Posted on October 10 by Stephen Grant

The thought of writing an art book, of any description, never really occurred to me until Julian Porter came along. I had known Julian for years, of course, as one does practising law in one community for any length of time. But when Dundurn published Porter’s 149 Paintings You Really Need to See in Europe, I thought, what a great way to share one’s enthusiasm and knowledge. Still, I really didn’t think anything more of my own involvement.

As I’ve done interviews over the past month, one of the most frequently asked questions is: what prompted you to write this book? For me, music is the elixir of life. Without it, I don’t know what I would do. My iPod with more than 83,000 songs is my constant companion. It’s there when I am high and when I’m low. Nothing beats up a sombre mood better than music. By the same token, there’s no greater feeling than cranking up the stereo and singing along to one of my favourite songs.

#BookFaceFriday: A Why-For and How-To

Posted on October 2 by Kyle

has been a growing trend among booksellers and libraries for the last few years. It gained popularity in 2015 with a couple articles by the Guardian and the New York Times. A customer shared one of the articles to our facebook page, and we thought, “That could be fun!” I had just taken a course on social media for small business and was looking for ways to improve our presence online.