August 2016

#InsideDundurn with Shannon

Posted on August 24 by Kyle in Interview

If anyone is the authority on how to get published, it’s likely an acquisitions editor. So in that case, meet Shannon. Possibly one of the more glamorous jobs in publishing, Shannon’s job is to find and acquire books however she can. But unlike most people looking for a new book, she isn’t checking the local bookstore.

“Books can come from all kinds of places, really,” Shannon says matter-of-factly, “Literary agents, the slush pile, from any number of contacts. Sometimes authors that we’ve already published will refer others who are looking for a house.”

I bought my second sailboat, the first one big enough to sleep on, in 2003 when I was living in Halifax working as an editor at The Chronicle Herald.


It was a 1982 Tanzer 7.5, a beat-up 24-foot fibreglass boat, and when I bought it, it was sitting on the hard, as sailors say, in Chester, on the South Shore of Nova Scotia, an hour from Halifax.


Promised Land

Promised Land

Posted on August 15 by Vicki Delany in News

The Great Klondike Gold Rush was largely a journalistic event.

That there was gold in the Yukon was not exactly a big secret before the strike at Bonanza Creek. People had been mining there and finding gold for more than twenty years.  So what happened in 1897 that set off a worldwide rush that saw tens of thousands, probably hundreds of thousands, of people from all parts of the world packing up all their worldly belongings and rushing into the wilderness? Media.

Today on the Dundurn blog we are excited to be talking to Shawna Daigle, a children’s book illustrator for Philippa Dowding’s Weird Stories Gone Wrong series of middle-grade fiction. We asked Shawna about her collaboration with authors and her inspiration. Here’s what she had to say...

KYLE: Philippa Dowding has been a Dundurn author for a few years now; how did you get involved with her?

SHAWNA: I’ve known her for quite a few years through some close family friends. She approached me to do some illustration work for her.


Memoir From a Marketing Intern

Memoir From a Marketing Intern

Posted on August 9 by Erin

Hello fellow readers,

My name is Erin and I’m the Marketing Intern here at Dundurn. When I first got this position I jumped for joy, then I got down to business. What practical skills do I bring to the table? What do I want to learn? When do I get to network?

Like many others, my interest in publishing stems from a love and study of English Literature in university. From there, it brought me to South Korea where I dissected the English language word for word.

Simply put, curiosity. I have been curious about military history since I can remember. My sense of history is especially attracted to what is happening now. When Canada was drawn into warfare in Afghanistan, I sensed that this was history in the making. I had to find out everything I could about what was going on there, about what our soldiers were facing, and what they were doing about it.