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Survived the holiday season? The feast is over, and for many, January is the time when the famine begins - the annual resolution to once again attempt to diet. But we know the story…. by February, the diet typically fails and the winter blues set in. 

If this is you, here are some suggestions that change this prediction.

Are you a food addict?

Posted on December 19 by Vera Tarman

Are you a food addict? Worried about your will power with food? Take heed – Christmas is coming!

Christmas season is a difficult season for people who struggle with addiction – any addiction. For the alcoholic, there is the spiked eggnog, rum balls, and expensive wines; for the shopper, there are the stores that beckon people with sales and gift cards, and for the food addict, there is food. Too much food: office buffets, Christmas cake and Santa chocolate and marzipan candies.  Endless amounts of food filled with deadly combinations of sugar, fat and salt.