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A Survival Guide to Publishing (During a Pandemic)

Remember 2019? I sure do. After years of writing, dreaming, querying, pitching, revising, and more dreaming, I signed my very first book deal. The novel in which I poured so much of myself was going to be published in the fall of 2020. What a perfect time to release my first book, I remember thinking. I love fall! And it’s the first year of a new decade!  

I look back at my 2019 self and can’t help but smile. What an innocent fool.

Beth Bruder Retires from a Lucky Life in Publishing

Posted on February 23 by Beth Bruder

Lucky — a word that genuinely expresses how I feel about my life in publishing.

Publishing is reading, or more accurately the love of reading. When you speak to anyone in this business they express their love of reading — something quite different from their love of the day-to-day business of producing a book. Most of us really don’t care what we read, as long as it transports us to another world. It could be magical fiction, true crime, a wonderful history, or whatever else you want.

National Authors' Day

Posted on November 1 by Irina

On National Authors’ Day, we’d like to thank authors for transporting us to new and old worlds with their writing. Thanks to them, our imaginations are given wings to fly on adventures without us ever having to leave the comfort of our reading nooks.

"The way they can weave words into such vivid imagery and make us feel so connected to the characters and places they write about will always amaze me."


Memoir From a Marketing Intern

Memoir From a Marketing Intern

Posted on August 9 by Erin

Hello fellow readers,

My name is Erin and I’m the Marketing Intern here at Dundurn. When I first got this position I jumped for joy, then I got down to business. What practical skills do I bring to the table? What do I want to learn? When do I get to network?

Like many others, my interest in publishing stems from a love and study of English Literature in university. From there, it brought me to South Korea where I dissected the English language word for word.

It's All About... the Process

Posted on January 29 by duncan

While it’s true that the central figure behind any book is the author, there are many hands that contribute to the publication of the book. Each title requires a human touch at every stage of its publication, concepts are presented, editors edit, designers design, marketers market to the myriad of markets, manuscripts get rescripted, data is scrubbed and sent every which way to wholesalers, libraries, online and offline. And that’s just one title. Dundurn on average publishes two titles a week, and the lifespan of a title before the actual publication can be years.