While on a Train I Met…

While on a Train I Met…

Posted on July 23 by admin
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One of the key promises that Sir John A. Macdonald made to the provinces when he proposed the idea of Confederation was a railway that would connect Canada from one coast to the other. It was this promise, the Canadian Pacific Railway company, and numerous hardworking immigrants, who united this country six years ahead of schedule.

Nowadays people fly to get from the East coast to the West coast, but the railway made Canada what it is today, and when people have the time they take the railway to get a glimpse of what Canada looks like, and to realize just how big Canada really is. I haven’t done the cross Canada trek by train, but I do like to travel by train (so much more enjoyable than Megabus, though more expensive).

The train story I want to tell here is that I was first introduced to Harry Potter while on a train – rather fitting when you think about it. I was travelling to Montreal to see my great Aunt and Uncle on their farm (really a lot of land and no animals). I was travelling with my yonger cousin and he was reading Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. While I was looking out at the country side flying past us he was buried deep in his book. Much later when he put it down (for only a moment) he told me that it was a fantastic series and I had to read it. I in all my 9th grade, 14-year-old wisdom and maturity, took one look at the cover and shook my head. A kids book I thought. I had just started high school and had no time for kids books. Little did I know that Harry Potter was 14 years old by that time too, and had been more productive in fighting against evil than I had ever been.

One afternoon on the farm, I saw Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire lying on the couch. There was no one around so I picked it up gingerly and sat down to read it. Well, one paragraph later my cousin waltzes in, sees me reading, and lunges across the room wrenching the book from my grasp. I had to start at the beginning of the series he told me.

One paragraph was enough to hook me though. The train brought me back to Toronto where I told my Dad, after he picked me up, that we had to go to the bookstore right this minute before we went home. About a week after I got back from Montreal I had read all four Harry Potter books that were out and then promptly sat down to wait (years) for the next three.

Sir John A Macdonald had a brilliant and ambitious idea all those years ago to unite a country. I don’t think that we would be the same country if the railway hadn’t been built, and for me personally I don’t know if I ever would have met Harry Potter otherwise, and let’s face it, Harry Potter is certainly someone worth meeting.

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