Vote on your favourite book cover

Vote on your favourite book cover

Posted on September 18 by admin
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Today’s book cover poll features four books on Canadian Prime Ministers. You can find out more about each one below, but first, pick your favourite cover!


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John A. Macdonald by Ged Martin:  Shocked by Canada’s 1837 rebellions, John A. Macdonald sought to build alliances to avoid future conflicts. Thanks to financial worries and an alcohol problem, he almost quit politics in 1864. The challenge of building Confederation harnessed his skills, and in 1867 he became the country’s first prime minister.

Wilfred Laurier by Roderick Stewart: Wilfrid Laurier’s life journey took him from a small Quebec village to the Parliament of Canada. He possessed a rare combination of the common touch and political savvy, which he effectively used to remain prime minister of Canada for fifteen years (1896-1911).

Scrum Wars by Allan Levine: Scrum Wars chronicles fascinating and dramatic confrontations between the prime ministers of Canada and the men and women of Canada’s news media.

Winston Churchill and Mackenzie King
by Terry Reardon: Born just two weeks apart in 1874, Winston Churchill and William Lyon Mackenzie King took different paths to achieve their objective of a parliamentary career, Churchill through military exploits and King through academic excellence. The Second World War brought the two leaders closer together, and this book traces the story of their relationship.