Our Sweetheart Mary Pickford

Our Sweetheart Mary Pickford

Posted on August 3 by admin
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Mary Pickford known as “America’s Sweetheart” is originally a Canadian Sweetheart.

Born in Toronto, Mary Pickford received 2 Oscars for her roles in movies (she was in over 160 of them). On top of her acting credits she also co-founded United Artists in 1919 with Douglas Fairbanks and Charlie Chaplin. She became the highest paid actress of her time, and was known for negotiating her own contracts so that she could have complete creative control over her films.

The first link below is an  interview with Mary Pickford from CBC radio, and the second link is Mary Pickford receiving her second Oscar.

Mary Pickford (CBC Radio) Interview (May 25 1959)

Mary Pickford Oscar

Truly an important Canadian! To learn more about our sweetheart make sure you check out Mary Pickford by Peggy Dymond Lavey.