Oh no! What’s he doing?! Yes!

Oh no! What’s he doing?! Yes!

Posted on July 9 by admin
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Yes, the Olympics are upon us, and, almost before news writers finish their opening ‘can we overcome…?’ pieces, they will be done.

But in the 16 intense days – from the ceremonial opening ceremony, to the handover on August 12 by London Mayor Boris Johnson to his counterpart Eduardo Paes of Rio de Janeiro, host of the 2016 Summer Olympics, new heroes will be crowned, tears will be shed, and, undoubtedly new memories forged.

ESPN is not my first selection when choosing a satellite package, but there are a few sporting moments that I can swear today, I will remember forever. Right on top of my ‘forever’ list is the 2006 FIFA World Cup final – France v. Italy. After a shaky start in the tournament, the French team redeemed itself in the eyes of its supporters – watching the artistry of Thierry Henry and the stars of the French squad in that final match was just a bonus. And then, towards the end of extra time, an unfortunate headbutt sent the hopes of France fans tumbling.

My friend Jerry celebrated his 50th last year – and all he wanted was a team jersey. Well, a really special jersey – the jersey of the 1972 Canadian hockey team that played and won against the Soviet Union in the Summit Series. (And for being a die-hard fan, Jerry will also get our soon-to-be-released Titans of ’72, on sale in September 2012.)

Non-sporting Lisel’s most-memorable-sporting-moment was the Mike Tyson-Evander Holyfield fight in Las Vegas in June 1997 – which ended with Tyson disqualified for biting Holyfield’s ear!

Marta’s, everyone’s favourite publicist, sports moments inevitably, come back to hockey. One of her most memorable hockey moments was the altercation in the 2003/2004 NHL season between Steve Moore (Colorado Avalanche) and Todd Bertuzzi (Vancouver Canucks).

As she remembers it: “During a Vancouver v. Colorado matchup in February, Steve Moore hit Canucks captain Markus Naslund on the blindside (a massive no-no, and veritable “dirty play”), concussing and injuring him. Moore wasn’t penalized, which fueled outrage from the Canucks organization, with much grandstanding and talk of payback being thrown around in the media.

“Several weeks later in a rematch, it was clear that Vancouver’s enforcers — namely Matt Cooke and Bertuzzi — weren’t going to take it easy on Moore. Cooke drew Moore into a fight in the first period, but when Bertuzzi attempted to do the same in the third, Moore wouldn’t take the bait. As Moore skated away, Bertuzzi (with Moore’s back turned to him), grabbed Moore’s jersey and punched him in the back of the head. As Moore fell, Bertuzzi drove his face into the ice and then jumped on top of him.

“Moore was knocked out, and the injuries he sustained (3 fractured vertebrae, namely) ended his career. Bertuzzi was suspended, eventually left the Canucks, and has forever been labelled a goon for his actions.” Whew!

Well, come July 27, I’ll will be parked in front of my TV – for the opening ceremony, cheering for my team!