New for Teens and Tweens

New for Teens and Tweens

Posted on December 12 by admin
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Between now and the end of Spring Dundurn will be releasing a host children and YA books – all great reads. Heading to bookstores right now is I Forgot to Tell You, book three in a series that centers on the lives of four teen ballet dancers – capturing the drama and teen anxiety of the students struggling to make their mark in the highly-competitive dance academy.

In early January Christopher Ward’s debut children’s novel Mac in the City of Light releases. Fourteen-year old California girl Mackenzie embarks on a brisk adventure through Paris, in the company of a crew of crazy cabbies and their friends, attempting to keep Paris ‘The City of Light’.

In Frank O’Keeffe’s Harry Flammable flames follow high schooler and aspiring movie star Harry Flanagan wherever he goes, since his attempt at driving a bike through a burning refrigerator box. However, despite that disastrous episode in grade two, Harry hasn’t been able to give up his goal of becoming a movie star or at least a stuntman. And then an epic movie begins filming in his town…

David A. Poulsen and Kristin Butcher both have bittersweet teen coming-of-age stories.

Poulsen’s Old Man, the title taken from Neil Young’s song by the same name, is the gritty story of 17-year-old Nate who has to abandon his five-point self-improvement plan for a vacation with his estranged dad.

His holiday plans shelved, Nate heads off instead with his old man – his 62-year-old father – a man he doesn’t know. His father wants to reconnect, and to have his son know and understand him, and the way he chooses to make this happen is to take a journey into his own past.

Butcher’s, winner of a Silver Birch Award for The Runaways, Truths I Learned from Sam is set in BC’s spectacular Cariboo country. Seventeen-year-old Dani has been sent to stay in a small community in Cariboo country while her mother honeymoons in Europe. Despite her initial misgivings, she comes to love it – until the bottom falls out.