A Look into the Past

A Look into the Past

Posted on September 12 by admin
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Genealogy is the fastest growing hobby and interest for millions of people around the world. It has been said that the pursuit of family history is shaped by the desire to find one’s family place in the larger historical picture, and a desire to preserve the past for future generations. Once you are hooked it is like a complex personal mystery waiting for you to find the missing pieces.

However, for most people it is also an emotional road to really making sense of their family and how they became who they are. The democratization of information through the Internet has been key in opening records all over the world – from the comfort of your own home – for all of us to look more keenly into our past.

Often we find out things we do not like to hear. I found out that my maternal grandmother, her son and daughter were forced into a Glasgow poorhouse when her husband abandoned them. My misty-eyed view of a struggling family in the beautiful Scottish countryside simply did not exist!

However, many people get great satisfaction from piecing together the challenging and often heartbreaking stories of their families, and with that knowledge often comes a greater appreciation of their own lives and opportunities.

Catherine Wardle with her firstborn daughter, Janet.

Both my mother and her brother came to Canada as Home Children and had a rich and full life as proud Canadians.

My family continues to hunt for clues and relatives of my rascal maternal grandfather ? without much luck!