La Cheim, Raise Your (Virgin) Mojitos for Anne Dublin’s, The Baby Expirment, YA-ers!

La Cheim, Raise Your (Virgin) Mojitos for Anne Dublin’s, The Baby Expirment, YA-ers!

Posted on July 6 by admin
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Last night I walked to my good buddy’s cocktail party right after work.

I walked up Church, through St. James Park, across King and jaywalked on Ontario Street because Old Town’s Victorian heritage buildings and landscaped parks make me feel good.

That’s science.

A social science of human geography that happens to be my new favourite subtopic — emotional geography.

Trust me, you already know what emotional geography is. It is a convenient term for the systematization of your gut reaction to a place, isn’t it.

And my gut is in knots just looking at the map of Johanna’s journey.  Johanna is Anne Dublin’s central character in her recently released YA novel, The Baby Experiment. She is a fourteen-year-old Jewish girl who wants out of 18th century’s Germany. And you already know why.

She lies about her identity, lands a job at a Nazi-like orphanage running not-so-secret experiments on babies, one of which, she kidnaps and takes with her to Amsterdam.

I thought about Johanna last night and cringed. How would she feel at that cocktail party after work in 21st century Toronto, with all that talk about that summer some of us backpacked across Europe after graduation?

We must have sounded absolutely ridiculous to her.

Tell us YA reader, tell us more than how you simply felt about the book. A far more interesting discussion question is how Johanna feels about her journey now.

What do you think?