Josie Penny On The Goose

Josie Penny On The Goose

Posted on March 12 by Kyle in Interview, Non-fiction
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Tell us about your book.
bout my second Book “On the Goose” When “So Few on Earth” came out, there was a great demand from my readers to continue my story. Therefore, at their request I decided to write the next seventeen years of my life as a young bride and mother in Happy Valley Goose Bay. Labrador.


What was your first publication?
My first publication was So Few on Earth. A Labrador Metis Woman Remembers.


What inspired you to write your first book?
When I arrived in Ontario in 1977, our four children were teenagers with a whole new life ahead of them. I was inspired to write my story because I felt the need for my children to remember their rich Labrador culture, their roots and their way of life.


Has a review or profile ever changed your perspective on your work? 
I was extremely ignorant to all aspects of the writing business. I just wanted to write my story for my children. When the reviews started coming in I was overwhelmed, and felt unworthy of such praise. It took a couple of years to change my perspective, and accept what I’ve written has helped a lot of different people in many different ways to  validate their lives – I learned of the responsibility and power authors need to be mindful of.


What is your new project?
My new project is to start promoting my new book and to start writing the next seventeen years of my life. It tells the tale of a mothers struggle to adapt to a strange new environment without the life skills needed to cope. The journey continues.