It’s All About the Earth

It’s All About the Earth

Posted on April 20 by admin
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Earth Day is this Sunday!

Earth Day became an international event in 1990 and is celebrated in over 170 different countries by over 1 billion people. Earth Day was created to raise awareness about the environmental issues that our respective societies face and to get people to do what they can to cut down on pollution.

I find that Earth Day is greeted in usually two different ways. There’s the school child enthusiasm way and the apocalyptic way.

I remember being in elementary school and for Earth Day we got to go around to the “bigger kids” classrooms and grab their recycling, and after that we got to plant some trees and flowers. We learned all about the earth, and how to take care of it -  it was a great day.

As I got older however Earth Day took on some different tones. No longer was Earth Day just about planting trees and enjoying the sunshine, Earth Day brought to the foreground environmental politics (or the lack thereof) and all of a sudden I started to find myself without much hope that the earth could be saved from pollution, the ozone disintegrating, oil spills etc.

Originally when I started to take on this apocalyptic view I cast around looking for a champion – someone or some country that would stand up and save us all. However, I think that the most important lesson about Earth Day is that a champion isn’t coming – it’s up to every individual to make the effort. Imagine if every single person tried to pollute less, I wonder what the world would look like?

I also think we would care about the earth more if we actually spent some time out in nature. If you’re not the big nature type that’s okay, as Drew Monkman explains in his book Nature’s Year you can spend time in nature just by going out into your backyard, and if you are a bigger outdoor type Kevin Callan is the man to listen to on great spots to camp.

So on Sunday, Earth Day, raise a glass to the Earth, make sure you do your recycling, and then head out and enjoy nature and the sunshine!