Interview with Lee Mellor, author of Rampage

Interview with Lee Mellor, author of Rampage thumbnail

Interview with Lee Mellor, author of Rampage

Posted on May 27 by Lee Mellor
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Lee Mellor sits down with us to talk about his most recent book Rampage and what he's reading right now.

Caitlyn: Tell us a little about the overarching theme of your work, and why you felt compelled to explore it.

Lee: Despite widespread interest in the topic, multicide (serial, mass, and spree murder) in Canada has been surprisingly underexplored. My first book Cold North Killers broke new ground by looking at 60 cases of Canadian serial homicide. Compared to serial killing, spree and mass murderers have received much less attention. My initial thought was that this was because "rampage killings" were simply less mysterious. However I also wondered if this impression was owing to the way their stories have traditionally been told. Ultimately, I am very proud of Rampage, because I am confident that I have found a way to write about spree and mass murders that makes their psychology as compelling as serial killers. I'm interested to see if my readers feel the same.

Caitlyn: Did you have a specific readership in mind when you wrote your book?

Lee: I think about what I myself would like to read, and write it. Always have done. Other people usually seem to enjoy the end result, so I maintain this approach.

Caitlyn: What's the best advice you've ever received as a writer?

Lee: "Don't look at what people are saying about you on the internet."

Caitlyn: Describe the most memorable response you've received from a reader.

Lee: After writing Cold North Killers, I was contacted by a victim's sister who was partially inspired to confront the murderer because of my book. It made me feel that something fundamentally good had come out of my work. I also received praise from Phillip Jenkins, author of the classic Using Murder: The Social Construction of Serial Homicide, and was honoured to have been of interest to such an influential academic.

Caitlyn: What are you reading right now?

Lee: I am pursuing my PhD in the study of Violent Serial Offenders at Concordia University, and am therefore reading constantly. Among some of the many books are:

Serial Killers and Their Victims by Eric Hickey

Sexual Murder: Catathymic and Compulsive Homicide by Louis Schlessinger

Sex Crime and Paraphilia, edited by Eric Hickey

Psychopathy: Antisocial, Criminal and Violent Behavior, edited by Theodore Millon et al

The Psychopath: Theory, Research, and Practice, edited by Herve and Yuille

Personality Disorders and the Five Factor Model of Personality by Costa and Widiger

I won't get into the academic papers, but there are hundreds.

When I have the time and inclination to take a break from the morbid stuff, I slowly whittle away at Cuba: A New History by Richard Gott, and A Game of Thrones by George RR Martin. I'll probably finish these sometime in 2015.

Lee Mellor

Posted by Kendra on December 6, 2014
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Lee Mellor

Lee Mellor was born in the United Kingdom and raised in southern Ontario. The author of Cold North Killers: Canadian Serial Murder, he is also a noted singer-songwriter. Currently, he is pursuing a PhD in the study of multicide and sexual violence at Concordia University, where he holds a B.A. in history.