Guest Blog Post: John Moss on Easter Island

Guest Blog Post: John Moss on Easter Island

Posted on September 6 by admin
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Today’s blog post is a guest blog post from our author John Moss.

In John Moss’s mystery novel, Reluctant Dead, Toronto detective Miranda Quin takes time off from her police work to write a novel on Easter Island. One of the most remote places on earth, Easter Island is located in the South Pacific Ocean. The tiny island is most known for the almost 1,000 stone heads or Moai that dot the island. They were created centuries ago by the local inhabitants who were thought to be castaways from various shipwrecks. The irony is that these inhabitants seemed to have created their own downfall by chopping down all the trees on the island in order to move around the enormous rock sculptures they’d created. An image of a moai is on the cover of Reluctant Dead. Carved from the soft porous rock, most of the carvings point inward rather than outward, as if watching over the island. Through the process of erosion, many of these carvings have slowly been covered up, leaving only the now iconic image of bluntly cut facial features.

An archeologist recently excavated a series of moai on the island, discovering that many of the statues are not just heads but fully completed statues that had been buried in situe over the years (as opposed to the idea of the inhabitants of the island burying the statues for religious purposes or to keep them hidden.) A great news piece appeared the week of June 11th giving details of the dig and close up images of some of the excavated statues. They’re really remarkable  mostly due to the sheer size, some up to 70 feet in height. While theories abound that perhaps aliens had dropped onto Easter Island leaving behind the megalithic structures (aliens are responsible for so much these days – the Oak Island Mystery for example), the archeologist involved with the recent dig says that various engineering tools (holes in rocks for lead lines, etc) have been discovered, giving weight to the idea that the local inhabitants were pretty savy for their time, and would have been able to move huge chunks of the volcanic stone into place. A great website to check out which has all sorts of detail about Easter Island is

John Moss is the author of two dozen books, including Invisible Among the Ruins and Being Fiction, a collection short stories. He writes mysteries to explore the breadth of a full life and its inevitably awkward end. Moss is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada. He lives in Peterborough, Ontario.