CFL Top Grey Cup Moments

CFL Top Grey Cup Moments

Posted on November 21 by admin
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Michael Januska, author of Grey Cup Century has been caught up in Grey Cup fever! It’s been a busy week for him media-wise, with twenty-five (you heard it correctly) interviews on CBC radio over the last two days, and today, he’s been pulled away from his blogging duties, for another interview in Rosedale Park this afternoon, the site of the very first Grey Cup game. In his stead, we bring you The Greatest Moments of the Current Eight Teams in the CFL. Everyone’s got their own favourite moments so I’m sure some of these will be debatable! Bring it on! What about the potentially Next Greatest Moment –  rumour has it that the Calgary Stampeders will send their horse through the Royal York Hotel lobby tomorrow. Michael will on hand to find out!

BC Lions

  1. The BC Lions had struggled through most of their first decade but in 1963 finally clawed their way to the championship, only to lose to the Hamilton Tiger-Cats. The following season the BC Lions exacted their revenge on Hamilton, beating the ‘Cats 32-24 to take the 52nd Grey Cup.
  2. In 1994 the BC Lions managed to keep the Grey Cup north of the border with an emotionally-charged win over the Baltimore Football Club at BC Place in Vancouver. With zero time on the clock, Lui Passaglia made good on a 38-yard kick that closed the game at 26-23 Lions.

Edmonton Eskimos

  1. When the Montreal Alouettes’ Chuck Hunsinger fumbled the ball on Edmonton’s 10-yard line, Jackie Parker was there to recover and ran a record ninety yards for a touchdown. The Eskimos won the 42nd Grey Cup in 1954 by a score of 26-25.
  2. In 1982 at the 70th Grey Cup, also known as the Rain Bowl, the Edmonton Eskimos defeated the Toronto Argonauts 32-16 to win their fifth consecutive championship. Warren Moon was named Most Valuable Player and coach Hugh Campbell finished his CFL career as the league’s most winning coach.

Calgary Stampeders

  1. In November of ‘48 the Calgary Stampeders and their fans rolled into Toronto for the 36th Grey Cup in wild western fashion, beginning the tradition of an annual Grey Cup festival. Since then the sight of a horse in a hotel lobby has been emblematic of the Grey Cup celebration.
  2. Doug Flutie and his Calgary Stampeders defeated the Winnipeg Blue Bombers 24-10 in 1992, winning their third championship in the club’s history, thus ending the longest drought in Grey Cup history. Later, owner Larry Ryckman would refer to Flutie as the Wayne Gretzky of football.

Saskatchewan Roughriders

  1. After eight losing trips to the Grey Cup, the Saskatchewan Roughriders savoured their first championship victory in 1966 after a decisive 29-14 win over the Ottawa Rough Riders. The teams were tied at the half, but a pair of touchdowns in the final quarter—a Hugh Campbell reception and a George Reed run—sealed it for the ‘Riders.
  2. With nine seconds left on the clock and the Saskatchewan Roughriders-Hamilton Tiger-Cats score tied at 40-40, Dave Ridgway’s 35-yard kick sent the Grey Cup back to the prairies in ‘89. ‘The Kick’ is still regarded as one of the most spectacular moments in Grey Cup history.

Winnipeg Blue Bombers

  1. Prairie fire: in 1935 the Winnipeg ‘Pegs defeated the Hamilton Tigers 18-12 to become the first-ever Western team to win the Grey Cup. It was Winnipeg’s Russ Rebholz’s touchdown pass to Greg Kabat in the second quarter that gave the ‘Pegs the edge that they held on to until the end.
  2. Halfway into the game, 1962’s Grey Cup was branded “The Fog Bowl.” With 9:29 left on the clock at Exhibition Stadium, and a score of Winnipeg 28-Hamilton 27, play was suspended and postponed until the following day. However there was no further scoring and Winnipeg went on to claim the 50th Grey Cup.

Hamilton Tiger-Cats

  1. 1972 represents the high water mark for Steeltown’s franchise. They finished the season with a lifetime-best 11-3 record and made it to the 62nd Grey Cup, their eleventh trip to the championship since 1950. They defeated the Saskatchewan Roughriders 13-10, the winning field goal coming from the toe of rookie Ian Sunter.
  2. In 1999, after years of struggle on and off the field, the Hamilton Tiger-Cats finished the season with an 11-7 record, and made it through the playoffs and all the way to the 87th Grey Cup. They defeated the Calgary Stampeders 32-21 and became the only team to win a championship in every decade of the twentieth century.

Toronto Argonauts

  1. In the first game of the 1921 regular season, Lionel Conacher of the Toronto Argonauts scored 23 of the team’s 27 points, and the Argos finished the season undefeated. Conacher then steered the Boatmen through their second Grey Cup win with a 23-0 victory over the Edmonton Eskimos—the first East-West matchup and the first shutout in Grey Cup history.
  2. In 1991 the Toronto Argonauts, under the new ownership of Bruce McNall, John Candy and Wayne Gretzky, defeated the Calgary Stampeders in Winnipeg, 36-21. The highlight of the game was a spectacular 87-yard kickoff return by Raghib “Rocket” Ismail that ended with a touchdown.

Montreal Alouettes

  1. 1949 marked the Montreal Alouettes’ first appearance at the Grey Cup, and their first victory. Lew Hayman, who had helped form the team just three years earlier, coached the Alouettes to victory over the Calgary Stampeders, with a final score of 28-15.
  2. In 2002, quarterback Anthony Calvillo led the Alouettes to their first Grey Cup victory in 25 years and was named Most Valuable Player. Calvillo continues to break records and has been a key figure in resurrecting the team and turning it into the newest CFL dynasty.

Picture Caption: The Fog Bowl of 1962: The Winnipeg Blue Bombers and Hamilton Tiger-Cats were each looking for an edge. Courtesy Canadian Football Hall of Fame.