Tips From Dundurn's Publicity Pros

Tips From Dundurn's Publicity Pros

Posted on January 18 by Kyle in Interview
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Dundurn’s Publicity Pros Share Their Tips

We asked Marketer Kate Condon-Moriarty and Publicists Jaclyn Hodsdon, Kendra Martin, and Michelle Melski what makes for the most successful collaborations between authors and publicists (and the most successful books). Here's what they had to say.


What advice would you give to authors on how to establish a great working relationship with their publicist and publisher?

Kendra: Share information! If you have events or interests, establish expectations early on, and if you are unclear about the process, ask questions.

Michelle: It's all about transparency between you and your publicist. You are on the same team and you both want the book to be successful. Let your publicist know the best way to contact you, and keep freely in touch with them. Sometimes last-minute requests are unavoidable, but the earlier your publicist knows what’s coming up, the more they can do for you!

Jaclyn: I definitely want to reiterate the “being on the same team” aspect of the relationship. Be open to any promotional opportunities that come up, and don’t hesitate to explore new avenues that will work for your book — and share them with your publicist.


How important is it for Canadian authors to create an online presence on social media to help promote their book(s), and what can authors do to make a real impression on social media?

Kendra: Important! Find your niche and your audience. Focus on the platforms you enjoy the most and engage with the communities there who are most relevant to you and your topic. It’s best to be active in a real, ongoing conversation, rather than just plugging your book all the time. Share other books you’re reading, articles you enjoy, and so on.

Kate: To get started, once you've picked your platform and set up your account, follow people you admire and get engaged with the writing/book industry. Like, retweet, and best of all, respond and comment on other users’ posts. It’s worth spending time creating a real connection to others, who will likely reciprocate. As Kendra said, don't just use social as a platform for plugging your book.

Michelle: If you don’t already have a well-developed online presence, start now. Don’t wait for the publication of your book to build up your platform — your social media following will help promote your book, not the other way around!