Homegrown Canadian Mysteries

Homegrown Canadian Mysteries for Summer Reads

Homegrown Canadian Mysteries

Posted on July 24 by Dundurn Guest in Fiction, Mystery, Recent Releases
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Never Forget: A Victor Lessard Thriller by Martin Michaud

Hailed as “Master of the Quebec thriller,” Martin Michaud makes his English language debut with Never Forget. As the bodies pile up in Montreal, and secrets start to emerge around a pivotal polital moment, it's up to tormented, rebellious police detective Lessard, and his partner Jacinthe Taillon, to track down the killer before they strike again.

“Never Forget will leave you bloodless, and I mean that in the nicest possible way.” — Alan Bradley, author of the Flavia de Luce Mysteries

“A raucous crime thriller.” — Publishers Weekly

Look for Without Blood, the next in the Victor Lessard series, January 2021.


The Starr Sting Scale: Candace Starr Series by C.S. O’Cinneide

Candace Starr, retired hitwoman, gets herself entangled in a murder for hire from a society maven that is desperate to get rid of her daughter’s barnacle of a boyfriend, only he’s seventeen, and even Candace draws the line at taking out a target who doesn’t even shave yet… But when the boy turns up dead Candace ends up helping the police chase a suspect that could just be her. C.S. O’Cinneide is also the author of Petra’s Ghost and runs the blog She Kills Lit spotlighting women writers of thriller and noir fiction.

“Tough-talking, hard-drinking Candace Starr’s appealingly amoral worldview coupled with her vast range of eccentric acquaintances and family is sure to provide more murderous fun as the series develops.” — Publishers Weekly

Look for Starr Sign, the next in the Candace Starr Series, March 2021.


Roanoke Ridge: A Creature X Mystery by J.J. Dupuis

There’s been a string of bigfoot sightings in Roanoke Ridge, Oregon. Do they have something to do with the body in the woods? While the first in the Creature X series is set in a fictional town in Oregon, the author can often be found haunting the river valleys of Toronto, in between working on The Quarantine Review, and working on the next in the series, Lake Crescent. Book two will feature Newfoundland’s very own lake monster, Cressie (no relation to Nessie, that we know of).

“Brilliant… indeed an excellent book.” — Maureen Jennings, award-winning author of the Detective Murdoch Series


True Patriots by Russell Fralich

In Fralich’s debut political thriller, the fate of the Canadian nation rests on the shoulders of two strangers: Claire Marcoux, a young naval officer, and Daniel Ritter, a quiet professor whose life is turned upside down by a murder. Thrown together by chance, they discover they are involved in the same fight with an unknown enemy.

“Fralich skillfully weaves a tale full of intrigue, action and political subterfuge. Taking its place among the best of Canadian action thrillers, True Patriots is a timely, prophetic reminder about the dangers of division.” — Dave Butler, author of the Jenny Willson mysteries (Another great Dundurn mystery series!) 


Closing Time: A Stonechild and Rouleau Mystery by Brenda Chapman

In the wilderness of Ontario, Officer Kala Stonechild hopes to get away with her foster niece for a much-needed camping trip, but when a teenage employee is murdered Stonechild is reluctantly put on the case. As the investigation heats up though, Kala’s past starts to threaten her relationships at home.

“Complex and filled with menace, Brenda Chapaman’s tale of sex, lies, and betrayal will keep you up at night.” — Barbara Fradkin, author of the Amanda Doucette mysteries (Fradkin's next, The Ancient Dead, releases January 2021)


River of Lies: B.C. Blues Crime Series by R.M. Greenaway

It’s February in Vancouver. Rainy, cold, and apparently, murderous. When a Valentine’s Day card becomes the first clue in a murder investigation, it’s up to detective duo Dion and Leith to solve the case as more people start to go missing… R.M. Greenaway travelled B.C. as a court reporter, and her first novel in the series, Cold Girl, won the Unhanged Arthur Ellis Award for Best First Novel.

“Greenaway is at her finest when she takes us up into the cold, forbidding wilderness, where few comforts serve to ease the mind or body.” — Globe and Mail


Lion’s Head Revisited: A Dan Sharp Mystery by Jeffrey Round

There’s something about the Canadian wilderness that lends well to a murder-mystery… Round’s latest in the Dan Sharp series brings detective Sharp on a trip to Lion’s Head in the Bruce Peninsula face to face with his own worst nightmare: his past. But when the suspected kidnapper is found dead, Dan suddenly finds himself chasing the ghosts of the present as well as the past.

“Reading Lion’s Head Revisited is like watching a time bomb in its final minute. With characters made of equal parts compassion and stone-cold criminality, this book is a bullet.” — Jared Mitchell, author of Becky Chan


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