Blood Brothers Chosen a Top 10 book by In The Margins Award

Blood Brothers Chosen a Top 10 book by In The Margins Award

Posted on February 16 by Kyle in Awards
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YA novel Blood Brothers by Winnipeg-based author Colleen Nelson has been selected for the Top Ten List of the In The Margins Book Award, recognizing books that appeal to and reflect the marginalized youths’ daily lives.

Blood Brothers explores two friends whose lives diverge when Jakub gets a scholarship to a private school and Lincoln’s brother lures him into a gang. Booklist described the novel as “a smartly plotted examination of the despair that keeps people in their places and the hope that pulls them out of it,” while Canadian Children's Book News praised the book for “skillfully exploring moral dilemmas and difficult decisions.”

Colleen Nelson is an award-winning teacher and author based in Winnipeg whose previous books include Finding Hope, The Fall, and Tori by Design. Her latest novel, Sadia, centres on a Muslim teenager who must decide how far she is willing to go to defend her beliefs when faced with the pressures of high school life.

The In the Margins Advocacy Book Award and Top Ten List choose the best books that illuminate issues of race, class and incarceration or otherwise highlights the reality of people of colour living in the margins of society.