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The Redemption of Oscar Wolf – By James Bartleman

By James Bartleman


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Awards and prizes

One Book Hamilton (2014)

Reviews and comments on
The Redemption of Oscar Wolf

Bartleman’s realistic novel, with its edgy verisimilitude, deserves a broad readership.

Library Journal
June 15, 2013

Dark humour runs throughout the text. Bartleman especially has fun satirizing self-important diplomats and politicians

Ottawa Citizen
June 14, 2013

At the core of Bartleman’s story…is Oscar Wolf’s preoccupation with guilt, with the fear, not just of legal guilt, but of divine retribution.

London Free Press (
August 3, 2013

Bartleman’s play to stereotype, a deliberate device, is balanced both by empathy and by his own experience as a member of the Chippewas of Rama First Nation

London Free Press
August 3, 2013

Bartleman acknowledged a dark shadow in Canada's history and brings it to life through the genuine character of Oscar Wolf, a man for whom the reader cheers throughout the story

Waterloo Record
August 9, 2013