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Our Scandalous Senate – By J. Patrick Boyer

By J. Patrick Boyer


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Reviews and comments on
Our Scandalous Senate

"The Senate expenses scandal that has transfixed Canadians gives them the perfect opportunity to rid themselves of this “colonial relic,” J. Patrick Boyer argues persuasively in his latest book."

Winnipeg Free Press
July 17, 2014

. . . it should find a place in library collections as a serviceable reference text.

Quill & Quire

Our Scandalous Senate is a lively recounting of the famous troubles by a former two-term MP. Boyer is a delightful writer who dissects the problem plainly: the Senate suffers from a near-absence of leadership.

Blacklock’s Reporter

“‎There may be no more important book on Canadian politics published this year — or perhaps this decade.” — Roy MacGregor, author of Canadians: Portrait of a Country and Its People