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The Girl in the Box – By Sheila Dalton

By Sheila Dalton


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  • Paperback $22.99
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Reviews and comments on
The Girl in the Box

"Complex, fascinating, subtle and intensely emotional, this is a book that...will profoundly impact its readers."
September 13, 2011

Dalton has a way with the written word and with telling this heart-gripping story about hope, love, and doing what's right.

Dropping you right into the heat of Guatemala, Sheila Dalton proves from the first few pages that she has an incredible eye for detail. The story moves around to a number of diverse locations, but Dalton handles them all beautifully, adding in small details which really enhance the imagery. From the sweltering heat of Guatemala, to the frozen wasteland of Northern Newfoundland, I constantly found myself being sucked into her settings.
March 26, 2012

Amidst all the noise on the web, it's often hard to find the quiet treasures that lie beneath the hubbub of tweeting and tooting of marketing horns. The Girl in the Box is the best literary discovery I've stumbled upon in a long time.
April 20, 2012

"The Girl in the Box is an intelligent read…Sheila Dalton’s characters are fascinatingly complex and interact so naturally that you forget you are reading a book at all. The narrative is beautiful, her descriptions delicately evocative yet she never shies away from the truth of any situation."