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Dixie & the Dominion – By Adam Mayers

Canada, the Confederacy, and the War for the Union

By Adam Mayers


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Reviews and comments on
Dixie & the Dominion

"An entertaining story, one which given the widespread Canadian lack of understanding of our own history, is a useful addition to our literature." -Claire Hoy, Toronto Star, February 29, 2004
"...Mayers' book is a fascinating one, taking a look at a side of early Canadian history that isn't very well known to all Canadians." -Shelf Life September 2004
"Dixie and the Dominion is a popular but seriously thought-out work that shows once again how the Confederate States, for all the brilliance of so many of their military leaders, were quite hopeless in the subtler forms of warfare."

Vancouver Sun
November 22, 2003

"Adam Mayers shaltters the too-common perception that the American Civil War occurred in a vacuum. He shows us the neighbor nations of North America affecting one another deeply and enduringly in a turbulent historical moment that was formative not only for the United States, but also for Canada."

Jim Kushlan
Civil War Times Illustrated