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The Devil's Dust – By C.B. Forrest

A Charlie McKelvey Mystery

By C.B. Forrest


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Reviews and comments on
The Devil's Dust

[Starred] What could have been a mawkish tale of redemption is told with honest, restrained but eloquent prose that gives tantalizing glimpses into the sympathetic but sometimes deeply flawed characters. The result is quietly but deeply memorable.

Publishers Weekly
April 23, 2012

Forrest has the gift of getting into McKelveys soul and sharing that with the reader. We live his anguish and his redemption. We feel the despair of the town and the hope. Were invested in tracking down the drug kingpin, solving the murders, and facing the truths. C.B. Forrest is that powerful a writer that the characters are real, therefore the story is also real.

Mystery Maven
May 26, 2012

Forrest realistically weaves the intricacies of small town character, politics, and police life

Kanata Kourier-Standard EMC
June 14, 2012

The first book featuring retired Toronto policeman Charlie McKelvey was shortlisted for the Arthur Ellis Award from the Crime Writers of Canada. This second book should make the list again. It’s smart, carefully plotted and extremely well-written. It’s also sadly topical, focusing on drugs in rural communities.

Globe and Mail
August 24, 2012

Though the third in a trilogy based on the exploits of Toronto detective Charlie McKelvey, the Devil's Dust reads just as well as a stand alone.

Ottawa magazine

Forrest’s book is tightly plotted, but it’s really McKelvey’s character development that makes the book work. This is a mature piece of writing from an author who is far younger than his hero.
The fabric of the story will make you think. The action ? You'll keep turning pages until it's done. The climax will stay with you.

The Devil's Dust firmly plants author C.B. Forrest as a major force to be reckoned with in Canadian mystery writing.

The Hamilton Spectator