Carry Tiger to Mountain


When a freighter smuggling illegal immigrants from Southeast Asia sinks offshore, Tofino coroner Elias McCann finds himself at the heart of another mystery.

Among the survivors of the tragedy is a young girl, whom Elias and his girlfriend, Vhanna, find themselves trying to protect from unknown kidnappers. Meanwhile, a relative of Vhanna's turns up among the immigrants, bringing back memories of her dark past and the Khmer Rouge. As the plot unfolds, compelling questions are raised: most importantly, who is responsible for the immigrants being here, and what do they want with Vhanna's cousin?


"another of Zuehlke's patented action-packed endings concludes the book."

(July, 2004)

"this is the second outing for Dr. Elias McCannZuehlke has brought bnack his successful cast of characters, maintained his setting and improved his plotting."

(October, 2002)

"Zuehlke skilfully sets the stage for a thrilling ride to the climax of his story."

"Zuehlke and his Elias McCann look primed for a good run."

(October, 2002)

"Topical and well-written."

(October, 2002)

"Good fare for a quiet afternoon."

" captivating as the first installment of McCann's adventures."

About the Author

Mark Zuehlke

Posted by Dundurn Guest on December 6, 2014

Mark Zuehlke

Mark Zuehlke lives and writes on Vancouver Island. This is the third book in the Elias McCann Mystery series. The first, Hands Like Clouds, was shortlisted for the Arthur Ellis Award for Best First Novel. It was followed by Carry Tiger to Mountain. Zuehlke's other books include Juno Beach - Canada's D-Day Victory and Scoundrels, Dreamers, and Second Sons.