Where Dreams Have Gone


Dreams vanish in most of the masterful stories that make up Norma Harrs’s new collection. A young Irish girl falls in love with an older married professor and has her first date with heartache; a middle-aged woman attends her niece’s wedding and drunkenly surveys the wreck of her own life and love affairs; a young woman admires her kind and beautiful neighbour so much that she is almost drawn into a not so innocent profession …

Adversity, sometimes disaster, befalls Norma Harrs’s characters, but instead of destroying these people, it often miraculously enriches their existence, bringing them a sudden awareness of what had been wrong with their lives and inspiring them to make a fresh start.

Ms. Harrs seamlessly weaves together plot and evocative detail, wildly funny turns of events and inconsolable sadness; her stories’ earthy eroticism, their startlingly vivid dialogue and, above all, their breathtakingly original rendering of suffering and joy will remain with the reader long after the final page.


"Much of the charm of Harrs' writing rests on the knowledge that the quirky, witty, unpredictable turns life takes can be so aptly transposed to fictional worlds. Where Dreams Have Gone will have readers turning the pages late into the night."

CBRA (January, 1997)

About the Author

Norma Harrs

Posted by Dundurn Guest on October 30, 2014

Norma Harrs

Norma Harrs came to Canada from Ireland as a young woman. She worked in the theatre for a number of years, acting as well as directing. Later, she turned to journalism and was for many years a freelance broadcaster for the CBC. She has written articles for several Canadian newspapers, including The Toronto Star and The Globe and Mail. After moving from Winnipeg to Toronto, Ms.