The Unreasonable Act of Julian Waterman


A witty and sophisticated comedy which had enjoyed considerable success in the theatre, to the point of outstripping a Neil Simon comedy at the same theatre, in terms of both ticket sales and length of run. The Unreasonable Act of Julian Waterman is, however, an extremely difficult play to do. In order for it to succeed, it requires three important elements: split-second timing, acting of the highest professional caliber, and a director with a firm hand.

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Ron Taylor

Posted by Dundurn Guest on December 6, 2014
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Ron Taylor

Ron Taylor was born in Toronto, Ontario and began his dramatic life as an actor rather than a writer. His first plays, The Door and The Songwriter were produced at Toronto’s Theatre in the Dell in 1962. Since then he has written innumerable plays for both radio and television, including the series To See Ourselves.