Understanding Canadian Law Two-Book Bundle


The author of over twenty books on the law and public policy in Canada, Daniel J. Baum brings his thirty years' experience teaching law to the average Canadian in his Understanding Canadian Law series. This two-book bundle contains the first two books in the series.

Freedom of Expression

Freedom of expression is a fundamental right protected by the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, and as such, part of the highest law of the land. But it has limits. Freedom of Expression introduces readers to current debates raging over the legal protections and limits of free speech, in a book for all readers who want to better understand how law and professional ethics affect those who would speak publicly.

Youth and the Law

Laws relating to youth and youth issues are thorny subjects, and are often poorly explained and understood by those who enforce or are affected by them. Youth and the Law breaks down Supreme Court decisions regarding youth for all readers. Drawing on recent rulings, it presents an objective guide to such controversial subjects as spanking, bullying, youth violence, and police presence in schools.

About the Author

Daniel J. Baum

Posted by Kendra on October 30, 2014

Daniel J. Baum

Daniel J. Baum is the author of nineteen books, most of which deal with important public policy issues. He draws on his experience as a professor of law for more than forty years. Baum is the author of the Understanding Canadian Law series and the Building Your Future series for young people. He lives in Toronto.