Strangers at Our Gates


Immigrants and immigration have always been central to Canadians’ perception of themselves as a country and as a society. In this crisply written history, Valerie Knowles describes the different kinds of immigrants who have settled in Canada, and the immigration policies that have helped to define the character of Canadian immigrants over the centuries. Key policymakers and moulders of public opinion figure prominently in this colourful story, as does the role played by racism.This new and revised edition contains additional material which focuses on significant developments in the immigration and refugee field since 1992. Special attention is paid to Bill C86 and its significance.


"Strangers at Our Gates should be in every legislature, university, high-school, and public library as well as in every office and home where people are trying to understand Canada's immigration legacy."

Canadian Book Review Annual

About the Author

Valerie Knowles

Posted by Kendra on October 30, 2014

Valerie Knowles

Valerie Knowles is a journalist and writer who has published eleven non-fiction works. From Telegrapher to Titan: The Life of William C. Van Horne won the University of British Columbia Medal for Canadian Biography for 2004 and the City of Ottawa Non-Fiction Book Award for 2005. She lives in Ottawa.