Steeped In Tradition


From drawing rooms of Victorian Britain to Ontario kitchens, rituals of afternoon tea have always delighted. Devotees to this splendid ceremony attest to the fact that tasty treats and fresh brewed tea really do have a way of seducing and calming even the most frazzled of souls. And so, it is no accident that this deliciously elegant occasion continues to entice.

Capture the essence of this splendid institution through the eyes of one who learned to sup the golden brew on her Granny’s lap. Enjoy recipes from Ontario’s finest Tea Rooms, in addition to those from a Lancashire family long steeped in the tea-time tradition.

By looking at the ceremony of tea drinking and the history of "taking tea" in Ontario, one comes to understand why this great institution is still very much alive and flourishing.

About the Author

Frances Hoffman

Posted by Dundurn Guest on December 6, 2014

Frances Hoffman

Having come to Canada from the north of England in 1966, Frances Hoffman lives in a log house on the banks of the Grand River in the heart of Mennonite country near Waterloo, Ontario. It was while entertaining Old Order Mennonite neighbors, and in coming to appreciate the "old world" quality that pervades much of their lives, that the idea of writing Much To Be Done was conceived.