Sacred Simplicities


Evidence of God can be found in your fridge, on the street, in the fragility of technology, and in the flicker of a squirrel’s tail. The spirit of God is with us in both the happy and the sad times, in the kindest places and the darkest corners of the human soul. God is near us in our mourning and our celebration. We are all created uniquely, and we are, at the same time, created to resemble one another. Regardless of our looks, our status or wealth, our skin colour or gender, each of us possesses the ability to laugh with joy, and shares the unfortunate inability to escape the inevitable sorrow of life. In this way, we are all connected. This book of reflections reminds us that, as God’s creations, we are physical centres for the expression of the divine. Within every season and every new circumstance, evidence of God surrounds us. We need only to be willing to see the wonder that allows God to appear through the miracles in our lives.

About the Author

Lori Knutson

Posted by Dundurn Guest on December 6, 2014

Lori Knutson

Lori Knutson has been the faith columnist for the Daily Herald Tribune in Grande Prairie, Alberta, for a number of years. Over the course of her relatively short life, she has enjoyed a wide variety of career experiences including teaching, bookselling, and beekeeping. Lori lives in Calgary with Doug and their cat, Otis.