Royal Observations


These observations and quotations comprise a witty anthology of anecdotes by and about the royal family in Canada over the last 400 years. Enhanced by drawings from the well-known cartoonist Vince Wicks, this book looks at the memorable encounters, sometimes touching, sometimes disconcerting, sometimes hilarious, that Canadians have had with their own and other royal families. Arranged thematically Royal Observations covers such topics as Queen Victoria, English/French relations, World War Two, native peoples and royal tours.


The stories are serious, poignant, often witty or humorous. Though not a history, this book provides insights into aspects of Canadian history and heritage that are usually ignored or neglected...a good book to dip into, it can be read in large chunks with equal enjoyment.


A work which not only discloses aspects of our heritage which have been buried in a mountain of material accumulated since the 15th century, but because of its long range also serves as a chronicle of the rich relationship between Canadians and royalty, thereby cleverly illustrating just how warmly this country and its people are regarded by our Royal Family.

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Each [anecdote] ranges through the emotional scale from poignant to hilarious, each succeeds in distilling an impressive amount of wit and wisdom, and each provides enough read aloud material to drive the most long-suffering spouse up the wall...though not every page panned for inclusion turns out to be a nugget, the cumulative effect is dazzling.

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Garry Toffoli

Posted by Dundurn Guest on October 30, 2014

Garry Toffoli

Garry Toffoli is an author, editor, media commentator, publisher, and administrator. He writes and lectures on royal, constitutional, political, military, and heritage subjects, and lives in Toronto.