Remember Tokyo


In Tokyo, Charlie Hillier discovers you can’t always bank on the truth.

Fresh off a harrowing experience in Russia, Charlie is keen to lay low, and his latest posting to Tokyo offers him the chance to immerse himself in a truly foreign culture.

Charlie is soon drawn into his first consular case when a successful young investment banker winds up in a coma following a
car accident. After a man claiming to be a friend of the banker’s turns up dead, Charlie and the Tokyo Metropolitan Police inspector assigned to investigate the murder, Chikako Kobayashi, discover that trusting the banker — who emerges from his coma with amnesia — may be a dangerous decision.

As Charlie tries to sift truth from deceit, he’s unsure if he’s dealing with a man whose accident has brought about a profound change for the better or a devious criminal lurking behind a convenient facade.


Wilkshire takes full advantage of the Tokyo setting to contrast Charlie’s Western attitudes with Eastern customs in this winning mix of diplomacy and sleuthing

Publishers Weekly

A travelogue and thriller in one go... Wilkshire describes Tokyo so well that I felt as though I were navigating the metro with the characters... A great read.

Breakaway Reviewers

Wilkshire appears just as—if not more—interested in his setting than his plot. And why not? … [he] is happy to jump into the plot when the story calls for it, and just as content to let the twists simmer as he leads his protagonist through an entirely new metropolis playground.

Mystery Scene Magazine

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