The Prism Blade


In The Ruby Kingdom, readers were captivated as Amelia Hammer and her cousin, Simon, and friend, Ike, discovered a secret gate leading from the small, southern-Ontario town of Dunstone to the extraordinary land of Mythrin - a world populated by dragons. Now, dragon leader, Mara, seeks the help of Amelia and her friends again. This time, a peculiar race of humans from a world called Cassar is searching for the Prism Blade - a legendary weapon forged at the beginning of time. Both the dragons and the Casseri seek the Prism Blade for their own protection; both the dragons and the Casseri fear the Blade falling into each others’ hands.

Caught in the middle, Amelia, Simon, and Ike are also caught by surprise when they discover that the Prism Blade has been hidden for centuries in their own town … and is one of the most treasured objects in all of Dunstone.


This book is an easy but exciting read, full of twists and turns, designed for the fantasy and adventure seeker. The storyline is geared for young teenagers, however I feel it would appeal to older teens and adults who enjoy a light fantasy and an uncomplicated story. I enjoyed taking the journey with Amelia and her friends and anticipate the next book in the series, The Starry Window.--Chelsey Brown, What If? magazine

"The book is a never ending adventure ... If you liked Eragon, Dragonspell and/or The Dragons in Our Midst series than you should like this one too. It ended up being one of my favourite books I have read."

About the Author

Patricia Bow

Posted by Kendra on December 6, 2014
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Patricia Bow

Patricia Bow lives in Kitchener, Ontario, with her husband, Eric, and a small but fierce cat named Pooka. By day a writer of serious prose for the University of Waterloo, by night she maps worlds of the imagination. Her children's fantasy The Bone Flute was shortlisted for the Ontario Library Association's 2006 Silver Birch Award.