In 1995, a young girl living with her abusive mother commits suicide. Shortly afterwards, her spirit returns to the house, only to find her mother gone and strangers moving in. She also finds the older spirits who dwell there, beginning a powerful battle for control of the house - and trapping its new residents in the middle.

Overshadows chronicles the events of this terrifying multiple haunting, but more importantly, it shares the incredible discoveries made during the course of a six-year investigation. This book will challenge and disprove classic theories, and create upheaval in the circle of life-after-death research.


Palmisano manages not only to cultivate our paranormal imaginations but also to entice our thirst for history.

A Different Drummer

an intimate conversation between man and spirit. Its emotional authenticity will leave you wanting more.

Independently Reviewed, Winter (January, 2003)

About the Author

Richard Palmisano

Posted by Dundurn Guest on October 30, 2014
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Richard Palmisano

Richard Palmisano has investigated the paranormal for most of his life. He is by trade a security specialist and criminal investigator with 21 years in the field. He has written three previous books, including Ghosts and Journeys into the Unknown. He lives in Toronto.