Operation Josh Taylor


To see teen idol Josh Taylor in concert, Hannah Smart is prepared to face bullies, learn terrible secrets, and discover hidden talents.

When thirteen-year-old Hannah Smart finds out that teen idol Josh Taylor (only the most talented singer in the entire world) is coming to her hometown to kick off his first-ever concert tour, she nearly goes into shock. Even more shocking is the fact that her parents one-hundred-percent refuse to buy her a ticket — if Hannah wants to go, she has to figure out a way on her own.

With the help of her genius best friend, Rachel, Hannah hatches a scheme that will surely get the girls to the concert. But when evil Scarlett Hastings sticks her nasty nose in, messing up their plan, all hope seems lost.

Will Hannah and Rachel ever get to the concert? And will Hannah even want to go when she discovers the horrible secret her parents have been hiding?


Hannah is full of 13-year-old-girl energy; her plans, despite good intentions, don’t always turn out as she imagines, but there is no questioning her heart.


A delightful plot-driven tale of perseverance that explores themes of bullying, friendship, persistence, and creative problem solving.

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The story is able to provide life-lessons about friendship, resourcefulness and responsibility.

Canadian Materials magazine

Teachers and librarians could also use Operation Josh Taylor to introduce readers to other books about strong girls and loyal friendships such as Rebecca Steads’ When You Reach me, Jeanne Birdsall’s Penderwicks novels, or any number of novels by Judy Blume, Karen Cushman, Paula Danzinger, Kate DiCamillo, Lois Lowry, or Katherine Paterson.

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This sweet story about friendship and growing up never lapses into heavy-handed moralizing. An engaging, fun read, sure to please many teens.

Canadian Children’s Book News

In her bright and breezy middle-grade novel, Melody Fitzpatrick captures all the drama and angst of middle school life as Hannah catapults through the full spectrum of emotions

Canadian Children’s Book News

About the Author

Melody Fitzpatrick

Posted by Kendra on January 20, 2015

Melody Fitzpatrick

Melody Fitzpatrick is the author of the Hannah Smart series. When she’s not busy dreaming up stories, she is an educational program assistant in the public school system, helping kids discover their amazing inner awesomeness. Melody lives in Bedford, Nova Scotia.